10 Halloween Indoor Decor Designs You’ll Fall For

As October rolls around every year, you’ve probably got into the Halloween spirits before the holiday arrives—planning your family’s Halloween costumes, collecting goodies from your local store, or adorning your front lawn. Is there something missing? Think about dressing up your own home to get your space ready for the creepy-crawliest days of the year with some spooky yet stylish Halloween indoor decor designs that feel right at home.

Carved pumpkins, whimsical witches, magical monsters, and petrifying ghosts...while you’re trying to integrate these spooky accents into your home, the designs of your Halloween decorations indoors should also be considered to create a cohesive Halloween decorating scheme. There are plenty of options when it comes to the overall styles, from seasonal and silly to eerie and eye-catching to creative and daunting, choose a Halloween indoor decor design that suits your interior, fits your family, as well as elevates your space to transform your home into a Halloween haunted house of your own design.


10 Spooky yet Stylish Indoor Decor Designs


For those who are going to deck out their homes or throw a Halloween dinner party, we’ve rounded up 10 chic yet spooky Halloween indoor decor styles for 2022 to make you the talk of the neighborhood or your event a huge success.

Seasonal and Silly Entry

With all the local ghouls and goblins congregating at your front porch, give your guests a spooky sense of foreboding in the entryway with a hall tree. Hang hand-crafted vampire bat leaves or silly costumes on the hooks and set carved pumpkins on the shelves to compose a welcoming Halloween entry for trick-or-treaters. The colors of leaves and pumpkins also add a seasonal and warm (or cool if you paint the leaves black) vibe to your entry, and the VASAGLE hall tree will perfectly fit in no matter the size of space you own.

Sweet and Scary Bookshelf

If there’s a spot you can make the smallest changes to achieve big holiday effects, that will be your bookshelf.

You can just pick up a package of spider webs and stretch them out or drape them over the top of your bookshelf or across shelves. Don’t be afraid to pull off a piece for a smaller section of webs or make big holes to make the decorations more interesting. Or, Add “eyes on you” books, skulls, or skeleton hands on the shelves for the scary effect and interest. And how sweet is this? Our rustic shelf makes the perfect background for all your design ideas and could still be your “everyday” decor, even in small homes.

Spooktacular and Stunning Entertainment Center

Change your home entertainment area into a trendy and stylish Halloween theme and turn your house into a creepy house. Our TV stand in various styles, from farmhouse to industrial to retro, can easily blend in with most Halloween decorations and be attractive to any room design.

Be creative with the spacious storage of TV cabinets, like with Halloween indoor floodlights or indoor Halloween projector, add a string of fabric pumpkins or a flock of flying bats on the wall, and play scary movies, creepy video loops, or party music on TV to create an immersive spooky experience.

Minimalist Everywhere

For those die-hard Halloween fans, they won’t let go of any chance to give your home a creepy facelift. Side tables are not only compact enough to infuse some terrifying accents like a tray of blood-colored drinks into your living room but also versatile to set glowing pumpkins next to your bed, and some have shelves to hold your frightening favorites. Our side tables come in various styles—retro, farmhouse, industrial, and modern—to fit your Halloween themes and your interior home decor.

Boo-tiful Vanities

A witch Halloween theme of your dreams comes true with a makeshift vanity table. Poison bottles, a pair of taper candles dripping with blood, and a skull head will be the perfect touch to a witch’s black table. A rustic vanity table will also do with a spooky final touch, like a witch’s hat and broom, and just cover the surface with an erosion cloth if you have a white vanity. A witch can always spell out something surprising or beautiful!

Friendly and Fun Bar Cart

Without a little witch’s brew, we won’t able to host a successful Halloween party. Tie floating ghosts made with large helium balloons wrapped in tulle to a rolling cart that serves up lollipops and spooky cocktails. Multiple tiers offer plenty of space for your “boos” and barware, while the wheels allow you to move it across the room or even the yard.

Our storage carts with varying designs help you easily make them a chic and fun part of the decor no matter if it’s an apartment or house you’re living in and still remain functional for the theme you’re planning.

Eerie and Eye-Catching Wall Decor

You can make a wall either the focal point or a complementary spot since finding those eerie wall decorations will be super easy. Use a shadow box frame to display your clip art. You print out your downloaded templates, cut them out, and frame them inside. Use a photo grid panel to hang up spooky pictures—we’ve included the clips. Or, use a set of wall shelves to stage a skeleton with dangling legs.

If you’re blessed with wall space, you’ll surely be able to find creepy wall hangings to create a bone-chilling scene.

Festive and Captivating Tablescape

If you’re planning to throw a Halloween dinner party, setting your table in a spooky style will surely cast a spell on your guests. Choose a centerpiece that highlights your theme, complete your table setting with fantastic scares and creepy atmospheres, and serve festive drinks and scary-good treats with seasonal dinnerware like plates and napkins.

Maximize the spooky spirit with our dining tables for Halloween decor indoors to make your holiday celebration and gathering an unforgettable evening.


Creative and Daunting Cube Storage

For those DIY lovers, our cube storage units with varying materials, from wooden to plastic to metal, offer tons of space for you to express your creativity. Be it not-too-scary crafts for toddlers or a harvest theme for grownups, these cubes will sure harbor haunted spirits. These cube storage units can also be customized into other shapes to adapt to your home space.

Cute and Joyful Playroom

While it’s the chance to score their favorite candies, kids can also involve themselves in the spooky season by making Halloween crafts. Our toy and book storage organizers not only house their monster puppets or ghost stories but also help encourage kids to dress them up with their own wicked ideas.

Create a ghostly atmosphere in the playroom for fun and unforgettable memories not only of your children but also for the entire family.

Where Can You Find These Stylish Halloween Decoration Styles?

Decorating your home for Halloween is fun and playful, and there are so many places where you can find the inspiration to transform your home into a stylish and ghoulish house for that big night.

Search online for Halloween indoor decor 2022, you can find lots of DIY craft ideas that help you make it work with some materials you already own or download print-and-adhere templates for conjuring up ghostly visions. If you happen to look for pieces of furniture for your Halloween decor theme, some brands (check your favorite brand if you’ve found one) will suggest suitable ones (like the above ones we selected) that could easily blend into your home. Or, just get inspired by some pictures and videos on Instagram, Pinterest, or even a nightmarish horror movie you love.


Spine-Tingling Tips for Choosing the Right Halloween Decor Style

Before you dash into the store for those decorations, there are a few things you should keep in mind to avoid making your whole event mischief or mayhem (unless it’s what you really want).

Consider the time and budget you want to spend on it.
Normally, casual pumpkin-carvers or die-hard fans may have different plans. Some DIY designs won’t cost a fortune.

Decide on the overall style based on your house’s style and size.
You can mix and match those decorations with your interior scheme. Some extra spooky ideas won’t work for homes with little ones that don’t react well to the “creepy” stuff.

Stick with one theme throughout.
It’s better to think things out and have one immersive theme throughout the house among zombies, Gothic, witches, or aliens, not just throw them all together like a big hodgepodge of random props.

Choose pieces that also work for everyday decor
Though some enthusiasts put out the Halloween decor starting on October 1, you can still pick some elegant pieces like furniture that look attractive by themselves so you can use them throughout the year.


It’s the time for summoning boo-zy spirits, now give your home a scary makeover. Choose one of your favorite spooky yet stylish designs from our selection of Halloween indoor decor that fits your existing interior, blend in the scary and seasonable elements according to your macabre theme, and prepare your candy bowl to get guests’ hearts racing more and enjoy a fun, exciting, and spookcular holiday that screams Happy Halloween!